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    Calculate % difference of two members

    Lian Norliansyah



      I would like to calculate % ticket delivered on time based on the following example below:

      in which it should be calculated as "Ticket Delivered On Time" / "Total Ticket" = 90% (based on the sample below)


      DateGroupL1 TeamL2 TeamGroup TypeBUServiceMetric NameValue
      1/05/2016Group A1Team ATeam AAPrimaryNo BUNo ServiceTotal Ticket10
      1/05/2016Group A1Team ATeam AAPrimaryNo BUNo ServiceTicket Delivered On Time9


      I need help how can this be achieved in Tableau.


      I can achieve the result by using table calculation:

      - Calculation Type: Percent From

      - Calculate the percentage along: Metric Name

      - Display the value as a percentage of: Next


      Then I hide one of the Metric.


      (see attached example)


      However, I would like to use a calculation within Tableau, which will give a greater flexibility in the presentation of the data.

      If the data source is OLAP, I can calculate using MDX, however, the source is SQL server table.


      Your help is appreciated.