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    Subscriptions after restoring backup?

    Mark Pesce

      Are subscriptions supposed to carry over from a backup file?


      Here's my scenario:

      1. We are in the process of upgrading the server behind Tableau Server.

      2. I backed up my Tableau Server using tabadmin backup.

      3. I restored the backup file on the new server.

      4. My subscriptions from my current server are still running, it appears that the new server subscriptions are not running.


      It is very possible that they are not subscription configurations are the same, but I wanted to see if anyone else had this issue before investigating. (P.S. it's way past 5pm where I am at right now haha!)



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          Jeff Strauss

          when you did a restore did you use --no-config ?  This in effect just restores the PG data (which includes the subs and the extracts) and leaves the destination settings in tact (allocated processes).  And this is generally what we do.  I forget what chaos occurs if you forget the --no-config

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            Obed Tsimi

            Hello Mark,


            I think what Jeff said might be the case, especially if you're upgrading to a different hardware, no-config, would be crucial.

            Restore from a Backup
            See this article under new machine upgrade.

            Upgrading Tableau Server | Tableau Software


            I am also wonndering what version are you upgrading from and to? and also is your tableau server a single node or distributed environment.


            Tableau offers complimentary upgrade assistance that you can sign up for below to help you with the upgrade as well.

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              Mark Pesce

              OK guys, I didn't add on the --no --config tag when restoring my backup. What are my options now? Oddly enough, the subscriptions are sitting in my tasks, but they are not running.


              The upgrade we did was strictly a hardware upgrade. We are using version 9.2.4

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                Jeff Strauss

                I'm not 100% on the options as I haven't run into this before.  However, is it crucial to keep availability at 100% or is it permitted to take down temporarily whatever is available?  Because if you do a tabadmin stop on the new platform and you have a distributed cluster, it may stop the workers that you tried moving away from because they are still connected.  But if you do a tabadmin stop, then you have options.  Clean option: Do a complete clean install, and then do a tabadmin restore --no-config.  "Dirty" option: Update tabsvc.yml and workgroup.yml to have the proper host names and then do a tabadmin start, not sure if this will work and probably isn't officially supported.


                Or you can ask support, I would hope that they have some form of KB article that specifies what to do in your situation.

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                  Justin D'Cruze

                  Is this a single machine or distributed install? I'm really surprised that the services actually started successfully and everything other than subscriptions is working....the last time I accidentally left out the --no-config when restoring on a different cluster, it was throwing all kinds of weird and wonderful errors during start-up!


                  Clean install/restore is probably the safest option as Jeff suggested - if that's not on the cards then I would probably get Tableau Support involved.


                  My understanding is that every time the configuration is saved via the Configuration UI, it re-saves all the configuration files within the config folder and also creates/updates all tabsvc services within your cluster.

                  So in theory that's all you should need to do to get the config corrected - however depending on how many machines are in your environment/how the processes are distributed, you might need to do some steps in a specific order to make sure there's no data loss within the File Store or Repository (Support should be able to confirm)