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    view succeeding purchases

    Christian Go

      Hi Guys,


      I need an alternative to the solution I made.

      I attached a draft for my current solution to my problem. My problem is to check what are the succeeding purchases of a customer.


      So on my dashboard (dashboard1),

      1) you select on the list

      2) click apply


      This approach works well on the sample data I attached (10k rows) but on production it runs really slow since I have around 2m data points (5-10 minutes loading on Tableau Server prod).


      I tried a parameter and set approach before but the problem is that it needs to be updated if there is a new product added (there is frequent product launches and the client prefers no maintenance on the dashboard).

      I also added this approach on the file (dashboard name: old solution) if you can check on some workaround on this.


      I have also check on data blending two data sources but there are issues on aggregates (we're restricted to live connection).




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          Tom W

          Is there a reason you didn't use a standard filter with multi select?


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            Christian Go

            yup so I can't use the multi-select filter since it would limit the rows to what is just selected:


            Using multi-select filter:


            The requirement for the worksheet is to answer a question like 'after purchasing a phone/TV what is the next likely purchase of these customers?' or 'what did the customers bought along with phone/TV?'


            So on below screenshot, so we can answer that they also bought Accessories along with the two categories and are likely to buy more of those 3 more categories in the succeeding purchases.


            But the problem with this solution I posted is it is extremely slow when working with large datasets (2m+ rows) and it takes about 15min to load on tableau server when applying the filters.