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    Personal vs. Professional License, Compatability

    Tom Loker

      Currently I use the professional version of Tableau Desktop.  I pull a bunch of data from a MYSQL database; hence, the need for the professional license.  That being said if someone on my team were to have the personal licence, would I still be able to package workbooks and send those workbooks to someone with a personal license?  I know the personal license doesn't have the ability to connect to SQL or MYSQL but I didn't know how that affected packaged workbooks?  I want to ensure that if the user has a personal license they will still be able to open the package workbook despite it originally coming from a professional license version of Tableau connecting to MYSQL.


      Also if I were to create a data extract, would someone with a personal license also be able to tie to that same data extract despite MYSQL data driving the extract?  Obviously the personal license wouldn't be able to refresh the data in the extract but can it still connect to that extract for data manipulation/visualization purposes?