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    Parameters and Filters: Possible to set a filter to a specific value whenever a parameter is changed?

    Patrick T

      I have a workbook with a parameter that changes the date view from: fiscal year, quarter, month, and day. The values in the filter vary depending on what is selected in the parameter.


      For example, if the parameter is set to Fiscal Year, then the filter will show: FY2011, FY2012, FY2013, FY2014. If the parameter is set to quarter, then the filter shows: 2011-Q1, 2011-Q2,.. ect.


      Is it possible for the filter to default to default to its maximum value whenever the parameter is changed? So, if I switch from fiscal year to quarter, I want the filter to automatically select the max Quarter (the latest, current one).


      As it is now, whenever I change the parameter, the filter goes to null, because the value that had been selected isn't in the filter after the parameter view.


      I have attached a workbook for clarity.


      Any input is appreciated.