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    Unable to change scale of a stacked bar axis

    Ismael Peregrina

      Hello everybody. I have a problem with stacked bar axis.


      Basically what I have is a graph where each customer  falls under one of the 5 categories (Core, Partner Led , Remote , SMB or Strategic) and the measurement value I want to graph is the "Duration to go live" in months, of course since I have a lot of customers the bar stacks them per category.




      What I cannot change is the axis of the graph , I do not want to have the "Duration to go live" Totalized in the axis, what I want is to have is the average  or if that is not possible to have the maximum value of "duration to go live" months as the max top in the axis, being the minimum 0 of course.



      This is how the value of the axis right now:


      As you can see the category Strategic only has 2 customers , one has a duration of go live of 17.83 and the other one 4.63

      What Tableau is doing is totalizing both customers "duration to go live"  17.83 + 4.63 = 22.46 and graphs the stacked bar under that axis value.


      What I want is to have either the axis scale changed to an average or the stacked bars to display a the average of the customers "duration to go live" instead of the total



      In this way the average of both customers "duration to go live" ,  17.83 + 4.63 = 22.46/2 = 11.23  So the stacked bar displays under the axis  accordingly.


      Is this possible?


      Thanks a lot for your help.

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          Tina Hauser

          Hi Ismael!

          Is the issue the scale, or is it actually what the stacked bar represents?

          From your example, it seems that you want a bar (not a stacked bar) that shows the average duration for all customers of that category. So for strategy, the bar would only reflect 11.23 and would be a single color. Is that correct?

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            Ismael Peregrina

            Hi Tina.


            I know I could do only one bar, one color  with the average of the clients per category , but then I would be missing the visual information of how many clients comprise that bar.


            So to answer your question , I think the issue that I have is in what the stacked bar represents (I want it to represent the average of that category) but I dont just need it to be one color , I want every customer to be represented by a color in a percent proportionally to the total of that category.


            In other words something like this: