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    How to apply measure filter at a dimension level which is higher than grid dimension level?

    Chen Zhao

      Hi, I am a senior Microstrategy developer but a novice Tableau developer. I just started to learn and develop tableau reports. It is much easier to use and more powerful in Visualition for Tableau versus Microstrategy. However,  I have a question about metric filters.

      When measure/metric is used as a filter in Tableau, it can be calculated at two different levels: Record level and Summary level. I notice that Summary level is dynamic here and it is actually the gird/graph level.

      For example, I have two dimensions: Category and Sub-Category in the grid. I have a measure filter: sum(Sales) > 0 at summary level. This will filter out any data whose sum(Sales) at Sub-Category level is less than or equal to 0. However, if users requires to show sales at both Category and Sub-Category levels but expect the filter to be sum(Sales) at Category level > 0.

      How can I do it? Thanks a lot.