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    Dynamic Sheet Titles with 'All'

    Jennifer Dwyer

      Hi All,


      I'm building a sales dashboard that shows different customer-level metrics.  One of the graphs is used to filter the others within the sheet, so you can click on a customer and show their specific information at a more granular level (specific product sales, opportunity, etc).  I have 'Customer Name' as a field within the titles so that when you select a specific person it will show the name in the title, just so that there's no confusion about what data is being shown.  The problem I have, however, is that when there is no specific customer chosen the field says "Person A, Person B, Person C and 8 more" or lists them all (space permitting) which makes for some pretty clunky titles.  Sometimes, I can get the field to say "All" instead of listing all the customers, but I can't figure out a) how I did that or b) how I can have that happen consistently.  Any thoughts or suggestions?  I would also be ok with the field being blank and only showing a customer name when a specific person has been selected.