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    Tableau Calculations: Date Parameters and Multiple Sources

    John T

      Hi everyone – I’m working on a custom data table that is pulling from two data sources and I’m running into some issues finding a way where I am able to do everything I need and having it be in one table.


      Situation: I have one database that currently provides me a balance for each account ID as well as an associated date. I have another Excel file that provides me a ‘Multiplier’ value for each account ID. In the data table I’m making, I want users to be able to select (1) the two dates they want to compare and (2) the methodology they want to use to compare the two balances. The two methodologies are simple – one is just a sum of the balance and the other is a sum of the balance * the multiplier.

      Structure: For the data table, I want five distinct columns: Group (ID 1 and 2 are Group A, ID 3 and 4 are Group B), the start balance, the end balance, the growth %, and the growth amount.

      Issue: I’ve tried many different ways to structure this, such as using a parameter for the dates, but then I can’t figure out how to get the growth % to calculate. I’ve also tried to put the parameter matching in my calculations, but then I come across the issue of aggregate vs. non-aggregate data.


      I’ve attached a file that contains sample data, which I hope will make it clear what I’m trying to accomplish. The first tab in this Excel also mocks up the data table view I’m trying to recreate in Tableau. Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much for taking the time to help!