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    Calculated field to change colour of Line Graph

    Oliver Shingfield

      Hello Guys,


      So, currently I have a line graph with the dates along the X axis and the number of Records along the Y. The line graph is going up and down. What I would like it to do (when the line goes from point to point) is when it goes up I want the colour of the line to turn RED, but then the line goes down to the next point I want it to go GREEN.


      I am looking to create a calculated field that will give me a GREEN or RED value which I can then colour my line graphs with.

      The GREEN or RED would be based on whether the number of records is going up or is going down.


      I need to write something like this in a calculated field i guess:

      IF (Number of Records) is higher than the previous point THEN 'RED'

      ELSEIF (Number of Records) is lower than the previous point THEN 'GREEN'


      Can anyone help me please?


      PS. I cannot send a copy of my workbook as it is a work machine and it's also hard to recieve TWB files on my work machine aswell.