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    What topics would you like to learn about during our next Virtual Meeting?

    Mariel Matze

      Hi all,


      Thanks to those of you would made it to last week's K-12 Tableau User Group (TUG) Virtual Meeting. Maggie had a great time discussing the 'ideation' phase of the design process as it pertains to report-design, and we hope you enjoyed it to. (If you missed it, look for a recording embedded on the main page or email mariel@schoolzilla.com.)


      We'll be planning our next Virtual Meeting over the coming months and your survey feedback has already helped us understand how to serve your needs better. So we thought we'd kick off a discussion and learn more: what would you like to see in upcoming Virtual Meetings (webinars)? Would you like to see more live report-building, more Q&A, more presentations, or a combo? Any specific challenges you'd like to hear how other districts/organizations handle?


      Your thoughts will help us put together a valuable webinar for you soon-- and might help you connect with relevant members in the meantime!





      cc James Martinez, Brian Dunlap, Loni Rossow and Jamila Hussein