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    Grouping the Measure values based on Measure Names

    Sateesh Reddy

      Hi Tableau users,

      I have an issue with grouping and posting this so that some one could help me.

      I have to group the Measure values based on Measure Names, what I mean by this is ...


      Example consider the super store data,  I have Measure Values in the Column shelf and Measure Names on the Row shelf.

      The row values are measures: Discount, Number of Records, Profit, Profit Ratio, Quantity and Sales.

      What I would need is a grouping (at the blue box in the picture) of those Measures as Discount and Number of Records to be grouped as A, Profit and Profit ratio as B and the last two as C.


      Since these are default Measure names and Measure values , I couldn't refer them in a calculation.

      Can you please help me in getting this done ?