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    Populating Tableau workbook data without downloading, from Tableau Server workbook instance?

    Nathan Jones

      I work with a client that doesn't allow any downloads on their machines, and they want to be able to see the origin data that populates a tableau workbook on their Tableau Server.

      Normally, the Tableau workbook would have a download button like this, but again, we can't download anything -- while there is a 'view data' function, it's limited to the first 200 lines before download, rendering it mostly useless.

      I suppose the solution might be along the lines of this question -- use the javascript API -- but that question hasn't gotten any bites, at least over on Stackoverflow. Here, at Tableau, it's gotten a little bit more love, but it's unresolved it seems as well, run into a sessionID problem.

      Otherwise, is there any way to make Chrome or IE just direct open a .csv, or other script approach that could create a webpage to display the raw data behind these workbooks?

      I'm not looking for working jsfiddle or code, per se, just maybe some possible or plausible high-level approaches.