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    Subscription Icon not present in Tableau Server views

    Aaron Girard



      I am currently trying to setup subscriptions in order to set up vizalerts, however I cannot get the subscription icon to show up on any of my views in tableau server. I found this list of issues (https://community.tableau.com/thread/172765) that might cause my issue but they all seem to check out.

      1. Tableau Server must have subscriptions enabled via the configuration tool

                  This is enabled.

      2. The Site settings must have Subscriptions enabled.

                  This is enabled.

      3. The User trying to subscribe must have an email address

                  This is true.

      4. The User trying to subscribe must have View permissions on the view

                  This is true.

      5. The data connections in the workbook must have credentials embedded (or require none)

                  This is enabled.

      6. The view must not have been loaded via a redeemed Trusted Ticket (trusted authentication)

                  We use active directory authentication and each user must sign in at the server portal (I believe this means that we do not use Trusted Authentication).

      7. There must be at least one Subscriptions schedule in a non-disabled state

                  This is true.


      I can't think of any other reasons why the subscription button isn't showing up. Any help would be much appreciated!

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