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    School Subject Comparison - Different Class Codes

    Kris Hallis



      I asked a similar question previously but the situation is a little more complicated now.


      I have a parameter, [Subject To Compare], which can select the subject [Class Learning Area Description] (Mathematics, Art etc)

      I then need every class in that subject and year level to display 2 box plots: one showing results in that subject, and the other showing an average of their results across all other subjects they do.


      In order to do this I created a Calculated field called [In Subject]:


      if [Subject To Compare]=[Class Learning Area Description] then

          [Subject To Compare]





      Everything works just as I want for grade 7. This is because a student who is in 7A for Maths is also in 7A for every other subject.

      However, this does not work for grade 11, as a student in 11A for Maths, might be in 11Z1 for English.

      As such, while the box plots for their results in that particular subject are correct, I end up with the wrong students in the comparison box plots, as well an unneeded box plots for classes that don't exist in the [Selected Class].


      I have attached an example workbook to show what I mean and would very much appreciate some help.

      Thank you very much.