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    Tableau Reader Updating

    Emily Alden

      Hello all,


      I created a dashboard (using Desktop) for a coworker. They don't need to change the displays, but they would like to occasionally (every other week) update the data.


      The original data is from an Excel sheet. They run a report to update the Excel sheet.


      Is there any way for them to update the Tableau dashboard without emailing me the information and having me resave it as a packaged workbook?


      From what I've read I feel like the answer is no, but I wanted to ask.

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          Mark Fraser

          Hi Emily


          With Desktop alone, you'll need to manually refresh from Excel and pass your colleague and updated twbx file (which they can open in Reader.

          If you had Server, you could have the data refresh automatically, and then schedule delivery to your colleague.


          There are techniques to automate Desktop tasks (using AutoIt - AutoIt  or equivalent), but... how reliable/ stable, I'm not sure.


          FYI - You can create a live connection to Excel, so you'll always read the latest data in Tableau, then just to package and send.


          I'm sure its not the answer you ideally wanted, but I hope it helps

          If you have any questions, please let me know