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    Block Access to Hidden Fields

    Joseph Bertram

      Hi Everyone,


      Is there a way to block access to hidden columns?  I have some fields that I use in calculations in an extract.  I have hidden them because I don't want end users to be able to see or access them directly, but rather I want them access them via my pre-made calculations.


      I had thought that hiding them would make them only accessible if you were working on the local extract and that the hidden columns would not be reference-able via the published extract.


      That being said, I had a colleague try connect to the Server Extract in tableau desktop, and he created a formula that referenced a hidden column directly and was able to pull it into a report.


      Is there a way to lock this down?  My colleague was an administrator as well, so maybe his access is not representative.  But I'm not sure what setting controls this kind of access.

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Doesn't look like there is a way besides purposeful mangling of names before hiding/publishing.


          This is a very interesting observation and I will run it by our development team - looks like our UI works around 'hidden' attribute and is able to validate such calculations with both live and published datasources.


          To be fair, *I* think this feature was mainly built to organize datasources - if people can look up text of calculations or have access to published datasource definition then they can get that information so I guess that's a balance between tight control and giving power to the user to do something if they really want it.