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    Calculation and grouping  Or combining aggregate and non aggregate fn in one Logical statement

    Hiran Samarthyam Haranatha Babu

      i want to set the color of the 2nd graph such that if average waste % in 43 is greater than 7.15% then it has to be red, else the bar has to be green.

      for 45 it has to be red when average waste %  is greater than 2.7% and green otherwise. so for each machine(43, 45,46,47 and 48) i want to color it based on a preset value (7.15%, 2.70%, 3.75%, 3.45% and 3.05%). how do i do this?


      I tried writing IF press=43 and avg(waste%) < 7.15 THEN "good" ELSE "bad"

      but i got an error saying it can combine an aggregate and non aggregate function together.