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    Date Selection parameter and Date filter: Change format of values in date filter based on Date selection parameter value?

    Patrick T



      Sorry, I'm terrible with titles.


      I have a parameter that allows me to change the view levels of a bar chart. The levels are: Fiscal Year, Quarter, Month, Day. I also have a calculated field used to filter dates.


      For example, if I select 'Fiscal Year' on the parameter, the date filter values become 'January 1, 2011', 'January 1, 2012', 'January 1, 2013', and 'January 1, 2014'. These dates are the beginning for of each Fiscal Year in the data set.


      As far as filtering is concerned, everything is working perfectly. However, I am wondering if it would be possible to format the date values based on the parameter. So, if 'Fiscal Year' is selected the values in the filter would be: '2011', 2012', '2013', and '2014'. For quarters it would change to 'Q1 2011', 'Q2 2011'.. and so on.




      Any suggestions on how I can get the formatting to appear the way I want?


      I have attached an example workbook.