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    How to visualize the "weight" of the customers rating?

    Thai Huynh

      I have a bar chart that shows how successful a person build widgets without defect.

      Some bar has 100% success rate but that person built only a few for that month but other months the rating is lower but that person built a lot more widgets.


      So ... how do you show the weight of those months where a lot more widgets were built?


      I put the count of widgets in the size which sizes the width of the column. So now those bars with 100% success rate but less widget count is a lot thinner.


      I wanted to see if there are some others clever and engaging ways to show that.



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          Shawn Wallwork

          This sounds like a classic example of a scatter plot. Put Number of Widgets Built on the y-axis, and then put the Defect rate on the x-axis. Then put Employee ID on the Detail shelf. That will show you the all-time most successful widget makers.


          Then you can put the Date filter on the filter shelf set to month. This will show you how different Employees are doing over each month. If you put it on the page shelf you can quickly move through the months.


          But ultimately it sounds like you are really wanting to know who builds the most defective-free widgets at the highest rate of speed. Now that's one of those questions that will require a bit of mocked up data in a packaged workbook to answer.


          But anyway my best advice is to think outside the bar-chart-box.





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