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    Saving and Editing .tde files for uploading via Snyc client

    Robin Fay

      Hey Tableau Guru's,


      I am having a hard time figuring out how to make changes to an extract with a live connection to an on premise SQL server I am uploading to Tableau Online which refreshes once a day.


      I set up an extract with the authentication embedded  and upload it to tableau online just fine.

      I then save the extract as a tde on my desktop.

      When I open the tde make changes and try to upload it again I am running into problems with not being able to refresh the data with the sync client.

      I have been rebuilding connections to SQL and extracting each time to get around this. basically rebuilding the extract each time.


      is there a way to save an extract, then go back in and edit dimensions and measures and upload it again without having to rebuild the connections to the sql tables?