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    Graph Percent of Total per month, per product




      I am trying to create a line graph that looks like the following:



      I have provided a sample excel sheet and my sample TWBX file. I am looking to graph the percentage of "A" Sales per month per product. I am having a difficult time in Tableau.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Steve Burger

          Good Morning Cignior,


          When you say that you want a graph that looks like the one above, I assume you mean the combination of Shapes and Lines?


          dual axis line chart.jpg


          That is done quite easily in Tableau with a Dual Axis chart.


          Here are the steps I took, simplified:


          1. I took your existing chart and pressed and held <Ctrl> (PC) and clicked on SUM(Units) on the Rows Shelf and dragged a second copy to the right.


          2. This creates two axes. On the marks card, I selected the drop down for the second axis. "SUM(Units) (2)".


          3. On this marks card for the second axis, I changed the chart type to "Shape". Move "Product" from color to the Shape tile on the marks card. Drag a second occurrence of Product to the color tile as well.


          4. I selected the Shape tile that now appears on the marks card to change the marks to the filled mark type.


          5. I then right clicked on the second occurrence of SUM(Units) on the row shelf, selected the drop-down on the second SUM(Units) and selected "Dual Axis"


          6. Then right click on the far right axis on the chart and choose "Synchronize Axis", right click again and un-check "Show Header".


          Here is the workbook with steps completed. Be aware this is done in Tableau Desktop version 9.3.2. It appears yours was done in an older version, if you don't have the current version you might not be able to open it up.


          Lastly, if this solves your issue, PLEASE mark it as a correct answer so that others can find the solution quickly.


          Many thanks,

          Steve Burger



          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor.

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            Sorry. This isn't what I was looking for (but it was helpful!). I want to know how to produce a line graph that depicts %of a certain sale within each product. So for instance:


            Let's say that each of the products listed above has 2 different sales: Government and Commercial. How do I find the amount of Government sales per product per month?


            I cannot figure out how to do this without first doing it in excel and then feeding it to Tableau.



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              Saurabh Singhal

              Using your example above, my understanding is that the Line Chart needs to display % sales for either one of the categories (Govt./ Commercial/...). If that is correct, then probably below method may help you.


              Also, not you may as well make the chart dynamic using parameters. So if the user selects "Govt". % for Govt will be shown and similarly for Commercial.

              Let me know if this is what you were looking for & need further explanation.

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                Perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you