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    Create administrator account/password automatically?


      We are setting up our Tableau server (v9.2) using an AWS AMI.

      Upon creation of the server, the first necessary step is to log into the server and set up the administrator ID & password. This is done via browser to the localhost while on the server.

      Is there a way to create this administrator account without having to open up the browser and manually enter this?


      We'd like to automate this initial administrator account creation and the thought of scripting a tabcmd command or using psql to update the underlying metadata store sounds great. However, it doesn't appear possible.

      - The "tabcmd passwd" command doesn't work because the administrator account hasn't actually been created yet.

      - The "tabcmd dpbass" command only provides read-only access to the datastore, so injecting a new account via that route isn't feasible either.


      Has anybody had success in scripting the creation of the initial administrator account?

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