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    Stacked bar Gantt Chart?

    D-M D-M

      Hi, this is my first time using Tableau and I've been following some instructions online but they've lead me to a dead end.


      I want to make a Gantt chart that shows the stages of more than one project with individual stacked bars, aligned to the time axis.


      Importantly it should show the time a project started, ended, and the length of time for each stage within those set times.


      I have a simple table of dates, I have so far used a calculation of the DATEDIFF to work out lengths of the project stages in days.


      I have seen instances of this with a different table format which has a lot of repetition. Is there a way to make this work with my table? Ie. using the column headers to define the stages? See attached.


      Many thanks!



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          Tom W

          I'm sure you could use a color or introduce a dimension onto the columns shelf, but I don't see any dimension for a "stage" in your dataset though.

          Perhaps you can create an example using this tutorial Creating a Gantt Chart for Small Time Increments and let us know what is missing relative to your Tableau example. Please attach a Packaged Workbook version of it once complete!

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            D-M D-M

            Hi Tom, thanks for replying.


            I was following that tutorial, but the outcome isn't quite right.


            I am looking for something like the example KK Molugu responded to another query with, here Re: How to create a bar or stacked bar chart defined by date ranges , but I can't work out how it was done.


            In answer to your other point, the column headers are the stages in the project, the dates in the column correspond to the quarter when those projects achieved that stage. Does that make sense? Is that what the dimension would be?


            My best guess is there is some way to reformat the sheet in Tableau to be easier understood by its charting system. Any help?


            Hoping the outcome can show the different stages of all 14 projects from start to finish. Tableau workbook is attached.


            Thanks again,