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    Design Guidance on Organizational Structure


      Hello World,


      I was asked to build a report which would show my company's organization, from Officer to Base level.  I'm use to creating reports representing more specific/smaller data-sets and am unsure how to best design this report.  I have all of the information I need within two dashboards, which I recreated in Tableau Public 9.3.  The formatting/colors/etc. are NOT the same and my report looks much nicer than what you see... but the locations of all the sheets on the dashboards is 95% accurate.  I have omitted some smaller details since I had to recreate everything and did not have the time to make it look 'pretty'.  Maybe someone here can help?!


      *Due to the information being sensitive, I have compiled my own list of false data to represent what I am working with.  The columns I've left in the Excel file represent my most important columns of information needed.*




      The report was requested to be visually interactive, from the highest level to the lowest level, so that the officers could see what type of resources they have within their organizations.  The Hierarchy goes:


      Officer > Managing Director > Director > Senior Manager > Manager > Employee (Name column)


      Each Name has two roles assigned to it, as well as a department, location, information about the employees location, and employment type.  Due to the inaccuracy of the Location data within my Company's system, I CANNOT use any geo map to represent the data.  I work for a large company and the data has unfortunately been left to rot over time due to poor input processes (cleaning the data is the next step, once we see how bad it really is).


      The second dashboard shown is the lowest level shown, wand all of the columns you see are needed within the lowest-level of detail.  Did I mention I really, really dislike pie charts?  I cannot believe how many pie charts I had to use on this and how stumped I am at designing it better.  Any recommendations on design would be super appreciated.  My faux spreadsheet is attached in case anyone wanted to give it a go or anything.  Once again, the data I created only represents the hierarchy in the simplest of manners and has no value.


      Side note #1:  I have a filter where if you click on pie chart, it filters the rest.  This is how the report is used to breakdown the hierarchy from top-to-bottom.  Once you have your selections made, you can hover over one of the selections and click on the 'Show Roster' link/filter.  That will navigate you to the second dashboard.
      Side note #2:  I have a button on my real second dashboard that moves the user back to the main dashboard.  This was not included as I became incredibly lazy towards the end of designing this ugly recreation.  My Public workbook is really jsut meant to show the position of my sheets and the hierarchy.


      If you have questions please let me know... and especially if you have recommendations!

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          venkata sreekanth

          Hi Thomas,


          I have created a sample view.Please let me know for more details.





          Venkata Sreekanth

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            Would you be able to either save the workbook in a format that I could open it in Desktop 9.0?  Or publish it publicly.  I only have TabPublic at home and if I were to try opening this file at work, it would give me an error as I am on an older version of Tableau than you.





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              Bora Beran
              I have been watching and reading a lot of information on radial bar charts/sunburst charts and I know this is what I need to represent my data in the most interactive/friendly/correct way.  It seems every example I find though is on a VERY tiny set of information and the data isn't quite similar, so I am having a disconnect.  Most of the examples revolve around sales figures, where as I am counting the number of employees within a section of my organization.


              Would you just be able to tell me if it is possible to use a radial chart to represent the hierarchy below?  If you tell me it is possible, I could continue to discover on my own.


              Officer > Managing Director > Director > Senior Manager > Manager > Employee (Name column)

              There are 2 officers, and then the number of employees within each sub-category grows greatly at each step.  I am representing between 1500 and 2000 total employees and once again I am counting the number of total employees within each subcategory as you drill down into the data.


              Thanks in advance if you are able to reply.  I am going to keep playing with the information I have and see if I have any success in the mean time.  Will for sure write a tutorial based on this type of data if I am successful!

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                I have nearly complete the chart, but have run in to a problem.  My chart is a single donut ring of one color.



                In the sample data given by Bora Beran, and the following video walk through Kieng Iv to complete a sunburst/radial chart, there is a column for sales.  I don't have a column that would represent anything similar, so I attempted to use Number of Records in its place.  After all, my goal is to be able to break down the data from the highest organizational structure to the most extended.  This did not work as the calculation for the Y axis only shows 'Level' and 'Path (bin)' as methods for 'Restarting Every:  ', and no option for 'Product Category'. ** 'Product Category' is represented as a concatenation of columns K through O on my sample spreadsheet above, though the spreadsheet I uploaded does not have this concatenated column included.  For Example, it would show 'First Name, Last Name/First Name, Last name/First Name, Last name/First Name, Last name/First Name, Last name/'.  AKA, each column is separated by a '/' delimiter.  This is also how I calculated the 'Levels' column on my spreadsheet (which is also not on the uploaded example).


                The final issue I foresee happening will be the filters I am putting on the dashboard.  Next to the sunburst/radial I will be putting the ability to filter by 'Employment Type', 'Records Time' and 'Onshore'.  The hope is that when an officer uses the report to drill down into their specific organization, they can include/exclude values (like returning the org chart for employees who are Onshore, or just Contractor Employment Types and not Employee Employment Types).  For example, there would be two main bars in the innermost ring which an officer could click to isolate a Total Count of employees to just their organization.  When they make this click, it would highlight all relevant values and make non-relevant values fade, which also in turn will update my Total Count sheet to display how many Employees are returned with the given parameters.   



                Additional Notes:



                     I.  'Category Label' is represented as 'Manager' in my data.
                     II.  'Product Category' is represented as the concatenated column mentioned in the text above.

                     III.  'Level' has also been calculated based on the delimiter "/" in my concatenated column (and was verified for accuracy).
                     IV.  'Sales' is represented by 'Number of Records' in my attempt. I believe this is the column I am having the most trouble with.

                     V.  I know my calculated fields are valid and are represented exactly as they are in the examples given, except my calculated fields differ on name a little due to the difference in column headers in my Excel file compared to the sample data given.


                I will upload a new spreadsheet tonight if the information I have given is not sufficient to help me.  Once again, the goal is to have an interactive sunburst to represent my organization with the functionality to drill down each level and maintain an accurate 'headcount' of employees within your selections.  There will also by filters outside of the sunburst to filter the data within the sunburst to only show Contractors or Employees (Employment Type), if the employee is supposed to log their hours (Records Time), and if they are located in or out of the country (Onshore).




                Thank you again in advance.  I will keep tinkering to see if I can solve this.









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                  Mark Hegarty



                  Did you ever figure out a way to work this out? I have the exact same requirement as you and using some tutorials, have been able to recreate the chart. I'm struggling to be able to add in filters so that if a user only wants to view "Contingent Workers" or people in a specific division/region, etc., they can do that and the sunburst chart will update.


                  Any help would be great, and if you had a sample file, even better.


                  Thanks in advance and Happy Holidays!