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    Money format dynamic

    Alejandro Olmo



      We have a Tableau Server with multiple users currently have a dashboard that shows a specific sales amounts, but we have found a very important problem that we know not solve. The problem is that one of our users tableau server has to do data dasboard at $ default and appears in € Euros that is what we have set in the sheet.


      Our question is how can we make the format for currency differs depending on user? The Dashboard and Sheet are unique for all users, the difference is that when a user connects to appear in $ instead of €.


      I tried to set the user locale that appears within Tableau Server, but still does not work I still appears in $ and have also tried to set a level sheet, but if I change there, it affects all users and I want you for a work by others in € and $, it is a matter of viewing format.


      Thank you for paying attention to my question.