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    Calculate the max value in a time series

    David Detlefsen

      In the attached sample dataset of temp values in a couple of cities, I am trying to create a table of the highest temps recorded in each city in the time series.

      I want to have a filter for the time range. Within this time range, I'd like to find the highest value for each city and display that in a table.


      For example, when filtering on Time from 8:45 am to 9:00 am I'd like the following table:

      City NameHighest Temp
      New York69.2


      My issue is that I am getting LOTS of columns for temp at lots of different points in time, when I only want a single column that has the highest value. I've tried a calculated value based on temp (window_max([temp])) but that doesn't seem to be quite right.  Please help. Thank you.