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    How can I calculate the total duration of readings at a certain value in a time series?

    David Detlefsen

      In the attached data set (which is a time series of temperature measurements from three different cities), some of our sensors went offline for a while. I need to calculate and tabulate the total amount of time our sensors were offline.


      What I ultimately need is the following cross tab or table:


      Header 1Total Sensor Offline Time
      New York1


      Chicago has 5 consecutive readings of 0 (one reading / minute) for a total of 5 minutes offline.

      LA was offline for 2 readings of 0 (but these two readings are 4 minutes apart) for a total of 4 minutes.

      New York has a single reading of 0 for 1 minute.


      Can someone please help me figure out how to calculate the total time my time-series streams were at 0?