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    Dynamic Title Date Doesn't Match Relative Filer Date!

    Ashwin Chandak



      I have a relative date filter on a worksheet that is defaulted at 5 weeks of data (until the upcoming Saturday). So for this week, it is from 5/15 to 6/18, I call this the data sheet


      On a separate worksheet I drag this date field on the details and include in the worksheet header. I then add the relative date field as added above as a filter.  I call this the Title sheet


      On a dashboard, I drag the title and data sheet such that the title sheet is resized to be at the title of the data sheet and dynamically updates on selection of the date field.


      The problem is that the title date range and the relative date filter date range doesn't match.


      The title range is displayed as 5/16 to 6/13 while the relative filter date range is 5/15 to 6/18


      Unfortunately, I cannot share the workbook and/or the image.


      Is there a way to populate the same date range for the title sheet as the relative date range?


      Any workarounds are welcome. Thanks!