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    Total with other measure breakdown

    Claire Douglas

      Hi all,

      Can I create a crosstab with a total of one measure followed by another measure broken down by year?



      I have a dataset for sweepstakes, where each row is a registrant for a sweepstakes and what they bought on a certain date.  One registrant may have many rows.  If a registrant didn't buy anything, they have a row with a null order date, and $0 for revenue.  I have a calculated field that counts distinct registrants, and another that sums revenue.  I'd like to have a sweepstakes name followed by the total number of registrants, and then their revenue broken up by year.  Attached is an excel spreadsheet that has Sheet1 with the Revenue by year, and Sheet2 has the total Registrants, and the Goal shows what it would look like together.


      My only guess at this point is that I'll need to put the two sheets together in a dashboard, floating, and try to take off the ability to sort.  Is there another way to do this?  And if I should go about putting together the two sheets, is there a link with an example of how do so?  I've searched under a bunch of different questions and haven't come up with a good example.


      Thanks for any help you can offer!


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          Patrick A Van Der Hyde

          Hello Claire,


          I see no one has replied to this posting.  Have you made any headway?  Thank you for posting the Excel file showing the results but it would be very helpful to see a small dataset representative of your raw data. Please do not include real customer data.  Ideally posting a Tableau .twbx file will assist the most to be able to see what has been tried and where things are being stuck. 


          Let us know if you need further assistance.