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    Ranking/Sorting within each Ship Mode Category

    Marc Levy

      Attached is a packaged workbook where I would like to rank the product sub-categories within each ship mode.


      So for instance, Express Air would be in descending order by sales, Delivery truck at the same time also have bars in descending order, and at the same time, Regular Air bars also in descending order.


      Also, it would be good to show the rank within a category (for instance in Express Air there are 16 sub-product categories, so rank labels of 1 to 16).  Then same thing for Delivery Truck, out of the eight sub-category products, label the rank of 1 through 8....  same for the other ship mode.


      If you could show the solution within the attached packaged workbook it would be highly appreciated along with an explanation of the steps/logic.