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    Drawing a Circle on a Scatter plot!!!


      Hi All,

      As shown in the image below, I am trying to draw a circle at (0,0) and diameter 0.05  on a scatter plot , to see what points fall inside or outside the specified diameter.

      I am not sure how to achieve this, I have seen a few posts on the forums about drawing concentric circles on maps, but that really dint help me.

      Any suggestions???


      Thanks in advance!!

      tableau circles.PNG

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          There are certainly cleaner ways to do this other than the brute force method used here,

          but maybe this can be a starting point for you.


          I have a data source with columns x and y and type,

          type being either data or circle.


          They are plotted on a dual axis, line for circle and scatter for data.

          The check for whether in or out of circle is:

          ABS([DataX])<.005 AND ABS([DataY])<.005


          The circle in the spreadsheet is x values running from -.005 to .005 and back down to -.005

          and then y being the squareroot of r squared minus x squared (and the negative version for the part

          where x returns back to -.005)

          (in the attached, I used a radius of .005, and changed the example points to match)