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    Dynamic Hierarchy Select

    Markel Sagasta

      Hi all,


      I have a business request for a specific functionality, but I'm not able to find out the solution.


      My data can be shown by 3 hierarchies, Hier_A, Hier_B and Hier_C.


      The user has requested to be able to select which hierarchy use to start with the data analysis, and later slice and dice using the other 2 but also selecting which hierarchy use in each drill down.


      This means that if we have 3 bar charts horizontally distributed in a Dashboard, the user wants to be able to select which hierarchy use in the first chart, in the second and in the third.


      In this case the issue I have found is that referencing hierarchies in Calculated Fields is not possible, otherwise using a Parameter and a Calculated Field should be enough...


      Is there any workaround for this?


      Thanks for your help,


      Best regards

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          Hey Markel,


          It's going to be tough to answer this question without more information such as screenshots, how you've built the parameters/calculations, or a packaged workbook. Off the top of my head, have you tried using a dashboard for each bar instead of trying to do it all on one sheet?