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    Show Tableau: Connector to Plotti.co - track any changing number in a click (BETA)

    Andrew Gryaznov

      Hi All!


      I am the founder of Plotti.co SaaS startup and I am proud to announce the Web Data Connector to Plotti.co Tracker. It allows to incrementally track any numbers from any source accessible via web interface - from services like Bing Webmaster tools, D-Link hardware web interfaces, or websites that track anything like Kickstarter, pricing lists, social networks etc. - basically any number history can be tracked by a single click. Services with logins and complex menus are supported too.


      I would greatly appreciate to hear your feedback - the connector is integrated into the service and I will continue expanding its features. Currently it is very simplistic - just a copy-and-paste link with no additional input.


      Here is what Plottico basically does:



      The steps required to use are also very straightforward:


      1. Plot some numbers using Plottico:




      2. Click Data and Alerts tab:




      3. Copy the Tableau WDC link




      Screenshot 2016-06-14 at 13.44.33 - Edited.png


      4. Paste it into Web Data Connector




      5. done



      The service is free for 2 tracked websites, current plans are $4/mo, $19/mo, and $199/mo for custom solution.


      Basic tracking is not completely free as running real browsers and calculating statistical DOM selector entropy take significant server resources but I am (in collaboration with Intel and the humanity ) working on optimizing costs. Current roadmap includes finding similar numbers via entropy threshold to enable dynamic scraping of entire websites, on-demand and scheduled extraction, and building automatic API understanding engine.


      The entire thing is early beta and may sometimes be a bit slow - but I promise to have all the bugs fixed and questions answered ASAP!


      I would like to thank Simon Runc from Atheon Analytics and Tom W for supporting this and their advice


      To register and set up, please visit https://plotti.co/