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    Automating Excel Data Source Refresh

    Bartosz Baranowski

      Hello everyone!


      I'm a Tableau user since almost a year but it's the first time I decided to ask for help.


      Each month I'm preparing and refreshing multiple reports. I would like to make it as optimal as possible. Currently I have a report I would like to automate.


      I have around 50 Tableau files (.twbx), each connected to two Excel files (in total around 100 Excel files). The excel files are being modified every month - new data is being added. What I currently do is opening each of those 50 Tableau files, clicking "Data" -> "Refresh All Extracts..." and waiting several minutes for the data to refresh. Then I'm performing some manual actions: changing parameters, making sure the data is correct, saving a PDF extract. Refreshing all the files takes me almost the whole day. Once done I can send out the Tableau and PDF files to the customers.


      Is there a way to automate the refresh process and "Print to PDF..." command? I tried reading about it but haven't found a suitable solution. I tried making a batch file but realized it works only for Tableau Server, not Desktop. Perhaps there is a simple solution I'm just not seeing.


      I would be grateful for any suggestions.


      Kind regards,