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    Dynamic data sorting

    sunil bhagavath


          Am new to tableau am trying to create a visualization off some unsorted data in excel. Is it possible to dynamically sort this data in tableau? I want this to be dynamic visualization. Please help me with this.


      This is how i want. According to date. But am not able to get the row header to do this.




      And the sample dataset.


      Long Running6/9/20166/8/20166/7/20166/6/2016
      Duration   in Secs
      Duration   in Secs
      Duration   in Secs



      Long   Running6/9/20166/8/20166/7/20166/6/20166/5/2016
      Duration in Secs26927228800
      Payments 35243499489600
      Duration in Secs9281022143400
      Duration in Secs29142455300
      Payments 10783148601791100
      Duration in Secs378401386320369
      Duration in Secs28643164288823312528
      Duration in Secs781723731662679
      ZBDFPY1E (ZBDFPYET)111010911
      Duration in Secs686593589565689
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          Mahfooj Khan

          Can you share the actual format with some sample of excel data?

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            sunil bhagavath


                     Thanks for the help in such a sort notice. The sample dataset

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              Mahfooj Khan

              You've to change the format of your data first.

              Try to get the below mentioned format. It will help you to get the correct output easily.


              I've attached the workbook as well as the excel for your reference. Let me know If you've any query.



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                Naledi Hollbruegge

                Hi Sunil,


                I am not entirely sure I understand what you are hoping to do.


                There is a way to set up a parameter that will allow the user to choose one dimension to sort by. So you should be able to select one of your dates and it would then sort your other values either decending or ascending depending on what you would like. Does this address what you would like to do? If yes, I can explain how to do this.


                If you just want to sort it for yourself you can select the little arrow on the pill and select sort. From here selecting Field and the variable you want to sort by might address your problem. This is something that is more just for you rather than the end-user though.


                Let me know if this is helpful at all or else perhaps clarify what exactly you would like to do.


                Best wishes


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                  sunil bhagavath



                              Thanks for the help. I understand that the data has to be modified to below mentioned format. But the data that i get everyday wont be of that format it will be on the format that i gave you. So if i were to visualize it then i will have to do some manual things everyday or i have to write a macro for this but if someone new comes in then they may not be able to maintain it. What i was wondering is that


                  1) Is there any way to do it like(programmatically or query or some other way) inside tableau to do what you just did like data mining so that it will be completely automated and the user can just place the excel in a folder and tableau will do the rest.


                  I cant thank you enough for your time to help me learn.

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                    sunil bhagavath


                            The data that i get will be unsorted and such that i cant use it directly to get my desired result. So i have to refine the data little bit to get my result.


                    What am trying to learn is that is there any(programmatic or Query based way) for excel inside tableau like data mining to refine the data inside tableau and use it to visualize. Dynamic way .

                    Please refer the pic in the question to get more idea.


                    Please let me know if you have any further doubts in the question

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                      Mahfooj Khan

                      See while connecting your data tableau is giving such view


                      First of all you've to understand tableau is a visualization tool not any data formatting tool. I dont thing tableau has such capability to reformat your data in expected format which I've suggested earlier. You've to do at source (excel, db ect) level. Then connect to tableau. I would suggest try to educate the source to give you data in correct format so that you wont have to do any further data formatting. That will reduce your pain and you wont have to worry about someone If you left the job.

                      I hope you get my point.

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                        sunil bhagavath

                        Thanks for the help. Really appreciate it