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    Action on column-wise data?

    Madhura Dighe

      Have a requirement where my main KPI like "Sales" is in Column, and have to give action on "Sales" and show my top 5 Region , State & City. I know that it is better when Sales data is in Rows so we can give action, but now have got a requirement where data (Sales) is in column. This is just an example not real data but data structure is same.


      Help is very much appreciated


      Coumnwise Action.png

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          Ben Davis

          Can you explain better what you mean by 'give action'?

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            Amanda Patist

            Hi Madhura,


            If I'm understanding your situation correctly, it sounds like you need to build a view of your sales by region, state and /or city.

            Then create a set on the country pill,  by right clicking and selecting create.. and then set. Use all values and then under the 'top' tab, you select the field you want to sort by, in this case sales and enter 10 in the top category like so:

            You will then get a set in your data pane and when you drag this to your filters shelf, it will only show you the top 10.


            You can then replicate this for your other geographical roles and put them together in a dashboard.


            I hope this answered your question!

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              Madhura Dighe

              Thank You Ben & Amanda,

              Amanda my design is like below , in 3 boxes what ever i click on below country table should show that value.

              If i Click on "Sales" I should be able to see countries contribution for Total Sales, If i click on "Profit" i should be able to see countries contribution.

              I have done same when my sales , profit & orders are in Row-wise data structure, but now data is coming in column and as per my knowledge we cannot give "Action" when data is in Column. Coumnwise Action.png