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    Mapping School Divisions in Virginia

    Caleb Rose



      I am a novice user of Tableau Desktop, but learning fast. I am working on a project where I am simply trying to create a heat map depicting change in the percentage a certain demographic population in each school division in Virginia. For the non-Virginians reading this, many of our school divisions are named after the locality where they reside. Virginia has two types of localities: Counties and Independent Cities. There are 95 Counties and 38 Independent Cities in Virginia.


      Tableau does not seem to have difficulty mapping these places...and it easily maps about 99% of my list of school divisions with ease (because it treats the school division names like County and Independent City localities).


      However, there are two school divisions that I am NOT able to map because they are not recognized as a County or Independent City. The school division names are "Colonial Beach Public Schools" and "West Point Public Schools". Does anyone know how I might be able to map these school divisions? If the answer is "find the latitude and longitude and input it" I will need more explanation than that - as I am still a but green for that sort of editing.


      Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.