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    ACL topic area?

    Paul Chaney

      I've used ACL software for data analysis the past 20 years, and I'm extremely excited to be using Tableau now for visualization.  Given there are numerous other long-time ACL users out there, from beginners to advanced level folks, is there a specific area in this community for people wanting to take our ACL knowledge and find ways to take data analysis/presentation to the next level with Tableau?





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          Paul Chaney

          I take it there is no specific area for this.  Duly noted, my fellow Forum members!  : )

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            Rajiv Dave

            Hi Paul,


            I recently started working on this area, not ACL specifically but audit innovation at one of the Big Four. We are still hardening most of the dashboards to make it uniform across clients within an industry.

            I would gladly brainstorm with you (without getting too client specific)

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              Paul Chaney

              Sounds great.  I look forward to brainstorming with anyone interested in audit innovation and effectiveness!  You should be able to see a contact e-mail on my profile.  If you do not, just let me know here.  Feel free to reach out and we can coordinate a chat.  Thanks for the reply!  It was getting lonely in this discussion topic.