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    Problem with ODATA connection, no grid view, no pivot option


      Hello community,


      I have data in a sharepoint list for project management, with start date, end date and many other dates.

      I cannot rearrange that data but with the help of Michael Hesser here: Gantt Chart Date Sort

      I figured out how to solve this, well almost...

      When I use the ODATA Connector to consume SharePoint List Data the data is loaded as multidimensional data...this leads to the effect that I can't not only use the grid view in the data source pane but also I can't use the pivot option to follow Michaels instructions of his wonderful answer (Re: Gantt Chart Date Sort ). Now my question is, how can I solve this?

      I exported the SP list to excel and imported it to Tableau, where it is visualized like it is mentioned here Pivot Data (from Columns to Rows)  (in grid view, with pivot option). So I don't think that the data is multidimensional otherwise it would have been display the same way again, right? What can I do?


      Thank you for your help in advance!