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    Initial connection to Oracle DB slow?


      We are using Tableau Server v9.3 (8 core, 64gb ram) with an Oracle 12C data warehouse on SSD storage. It is a Tableau Live connection and we can't use an extract due to the volume of data. 


      Every time Tableau Server opens a data source connection to Oracle there is about 45-75 second delay (I assume to "pre-load" some data?). This occurs with all dashboards/visuals which use the Oracle data sources, as well as when one creates a new workbook in Tableau Web or Tableau Desktop. Obviously this makes using the data sources a slow initial experience and makes Tableau look badly to users. 


      Is there anything we can set, configure, or change in Tableau Server so either this long delay:

      a) Goes away completely

      b) Perhaps doesn't occur so frequently?



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