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    Labels overlapping

    Morgan Strong



      I am making a donut chart and am having the problem with the formatting of my labels.  I allow my labels to overlap, but because some of the data in my set is such a low volume the labels overlap with each other.  I can manually move the labels so they can be read, but my chart will be dynamic and don't want to keep the labels in a static place. If I don't let my labels overlap, some of them don't get populated. Is there a way I can have the labels to always appear, but not overlap? I am working off version 9.1, and copied a screenshot of my visualization below.



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          Tom W

          Don't use a donut!
          If this is going to be an ongoing problem, you'll probably be better served using a column/bar with each phase of the donut broken out so you can clearly see it's value.

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            Morgan Strong

            Hi Tom,

            Thanks for the suggestion.  I've read a couple articles in regards to avoiding donut charts all together, they echo the same point you just brought up. If I do move to a bar chart I'm running into a different problem. In the below picture my row labeled "Exception" has a count of 1, so the bar represented by it doesn't even show up.  Is there a way to force the bar to show up, or would you suggest moving to a different visual like a tab of data?




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              Vincent Baumel

              If you select the "Abc" button at the top, it will label each bar to the right. This will at least show that there IS a value, albeit small. I had to work with a Packed Bubbles viz that had values ranging from 60 to 2 billion, so it's an issue I definitely understand!

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                Ivan Young

                Hi Morgan, Vince has a good idea and you could try a logarithmic axis to force the bar to show up.  Go to edit axis and give it a try, sent and exception will be better represented.


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                  Tom W

                  Further to Vincent's reply on the label, your donut chart was effectively showing a % of total. You could use a Table Calculation in your column chart to calculate the % of total in the same way if you're interested.

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                    Ivan Young

                    Hey Morgan,

                    One more if you do really want to keep the donut.  You can arrange your chart so the two smallest measures are not right next to each other.  They may both be readable if laid out in a specific way see my example with a pie chart.






                    Overlapping labels 2 small slices next to each other


                    Slices arranged so labels don't overlap.


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                      Joe Oppelt

                      In spite of all the recommendations against the donut (and with that, against pie charts), there are times ya just gotta do it.


                      When I am faced with what you describe, I usually do NOT allow overlap.  Yes, not all the labels display, but I make sure I have good tooltips so that each one will have full info when users hover or click.  Further I give the users a color legend and instruct them how to click on that to highlight the individual mini-slices.


                      Usually I resort to the pie chart when the end user is adamant about having it.  Upon first demo of the chart, I leave overlap allowed, and they can see how useless that is.  On the spot I disable overlap, show them how to navigate and use the colors, and let them decide on which implementation they want to have.  So far they've always chosen the latter (If not my preferred recommendation of a different viz shape altogether.)

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                        Nisa Marques

                        Hi Morgan,


                        You can drag and drop the labels. Please have a look at Labels, Labels and more Labels - The Data School

                        I hope this helps.





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                          Peter Gamble-Beresford

                          Further to Nisa's helpful post, here is a gif that demonstrates this functionality



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