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    How to open a new dashboard from another in the same browser window?

    Mahesh Balshetwar

      I am having set of multiple dashboards connecting to same data source. I have published those on the server. I have embedded Dashboard #1 in the web page (plain html). Dashboard #1 contains multiple sheets. On one sheet there is a grid with multiple columns including one with image having URL action to opens up another Dashboard; say Dashboard #2. Dashboard #2 contains a link to return to Dashboard #1.


      Currently Dashboard #2 opens up in a separate browser tab with makes user see both the Dashboards, Dashboard #1 and Dashboard #2.

      I want to restrict Dashboard #2 to open up in the same browser window. I tried adding "?:linktarget=_self , ?:embed=yes" in the URL opening Dashboard #2 but it still opens up in the new tab. Also, I do not want to publish my workbook with "Show sheets as Tabs" turned on.


      Any pointers, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.