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    Filter from map to chart - show another chart when no selection is made

    Silvia Calo

      Hi there!

      I am new to the community and have a question about the use of filters from map to chart in a dashboard.

      I have a dashboard with a map and a chart. I have data for all the admin areas of the map already calculated (so not the raw ones) and for all country. I would like that the chart changes when I select each admin and that when I don't select anything, the chart for all country pops up.

      to make the chart changing when I select the admin I used a Filter action that from the map, affects the graph and I chose to exclude all values if no selecton is made. What I need is something like show the all country results when I don't select anything.

      Attached is an example of what I can do so far.

      Many thanks in advance.