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    Actual vs. Forecast

    Florian Reidt

      Hi Guys,


      I am relatively new to tableau so not sure how difficult it is.


      I would like to show a line graph with with Actual and Forecast data. I am running my sales along the Y-Axis and the Week Number (continues) along the X-Axis.


      So far no problem and my graphs are display nice and easy. One for Actuals and one for Forecast, though I would only like to show the Forecast data for Weeks where I have no Actual data yet.


      The Actual/Forecast differentiation is done in a Dimension ("Status").


      Thanks for your help!

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          khalid norat

          Could you please share a sample data set / workbook

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            Justus Niemzok

            Hi Florian,


            An example workbook could indeed help a lot to help you specifically. From your explanation, I would think you need an LOD calculation to find out the maximum date of all Sales with Status "Actuals". Then put a filter calculation in your forecast chart that filters all date lower than the maximum date of your actuals.


            LOD would look something like this:


            {FIXED: MAX(IF [Status] = "Actuals" THEN [Week Number])}


            Hope this helps. If not I would suggest post an example workbook.


            Kind regards,




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              Florian Reidt

              Thanks Justus,


              I got it to work, for everyone else who might want to use this:


              1. I used Justus' Formula to identify if a "Week" already has Actual data. Which works exactly as he mentioned, except i had to add an "End" after the Week Number.


              2. I created a calculated Field, which set the "Ending" (Difference in Weeks) to "Forecast" and the Other Part to Actual, I set everything else afterwards to "FALSE" and finally filtered for everything but "FALSE"


              I hope this helps anyone trying to archive the same as me.


              Sorry for not posting a Workbook - company details.


              Again, many thanks!