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    Hi to all,


      Hi All,


      My question is around, how can we set/change the default shape


      I am currently working on to set an org structure for a company.
      The scenario is that people keep joining the company and I want Tableau to pick
      a default image in the org structure instead of default available shapes
      (circle, square, plus, etc).


      You can see the snapshot of the dashboard, where I do not have
      the image for resource3 and Tableau picked + automatically. P.S.: the
      above snapshot is sanitized and I used gender icons for the image instead.



      Please help me figure out either, how to add an image as default
      in the default folder and location of the default folder? or how can I set a
      different folder as default?


      This is the image that i want to set as default.
      Any help is appreciated.

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          Steve Taylor

          Hello Pavan


          This help article has a section on importing your own custom shapes (about half way down) and which folder to put them in:


          Shape Properties


          let me know if that article doesn't have all the information you need.





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            Jacquelline Antony

            Hey PAVAN B,


            To set a shape as a default shape for a dimension you may do the following:

            1. Right click on your dimension
            2. Select 'Default Properties'
            3. Select 'Shape'
            4. Set your desired shape as default


            For Dimensions you may also set default Colours, Sort and Comments. For Measures you may set default Number Format, Aggregation and Total Using in addition to Colour Palette and Comment


            Hope this helps