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    Filtering Rows to only Similar Artists

    David Roberts
      artistsim_1sim_2sim_3sim_4Ticket Sales
      BeyKanyeTayBeatlesLed Zep35
      KanyeBeyBeatlesJayDef Leopard60
      BeatlesLed ZepDef LeopardBeyShway67


      Greetings Tableau community!

      First time poster here, so please let me know if I need to add more detail. 


      I have similar artist data  collected from Spotify Web API structured as above. My hope is allow the dashboard user to pick an artist (or several), and have only data from artists similar to that artist show up in the view. That is to say, if the user chooses "Jay," they would see ticket sales (or other stats/vizs) for Jay, Kanye and the Beatles. While other artists may have Jay as a similar artist, I'd like to limit it to the artists found in Jay's row for now. 


      I understand that parameters can't take on multiple values, so for now, I would settle for picking one artist.


      Can I employ parameters and calculated fields to make this happen? If so, how? I've tried using the "FIXED" syntax, but I'm fairly new to Tableau and haven't had success.


      David Roberts

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          Joe Oppelt

          I don't get it.


          Kanye isn't like the Beatles.  Not by a long shot.

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            Joe Oppelt

            I'm sorry.  I couldn't resist.  That last post was just me being punchy on a Friday.


            I would re-shape this data.


            Then you could make a duplicate data source, and blend Artist from one with Similar from the other.


            When the user selects an artist, do a filter action to a second sheet where you pass the artist to the next sheet.  Select just that artist on the second sheet, display [Similar] in columns.  Blend [Similar] from the primary data source to [Artist] from the copy, and you'll get sum([source-copy].[sales]) for the detail info about each artist.




            BeyLed Zep5
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              David Roberts

              Hi Joe,


              Ha! You don't think Kanye and John Lennon would have gotten along?


              I'm going to give this a try with a practice set and get back to you!  Thanks for the prompt response!




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                David Roberts

                Hi Joe,


                I put together your solution, which is great! The practice with actions will definitely help me in the future.


                I still have an issue however --- my dataset has on the order of 10,000 artists. It would be incredibly difficult to find the artist and click the artist you wish to see similar artists for.


                Is there a way by which you could search for the artist you want to see, maybe set a parameter, and activate the filter action that way?

                I'd attach my workbook, except it appears there's no option. 





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                  Joe Oppelt

                  To attach your workbook go to advanced editor.  In the upper right of your reply window you see "Advanced Editor and add an attachment".  Click that.  When you are in the advanced editor, in the lower right corner of that screen is "Attach."



                  You can also edit an existing reply.  For instance, when viewing your last reply, you see "Actions" pulldown below the "Correct Answer" button.  You can select SDIT from there.  That automatically puts you in the advanced editor, where you can attach.


                  But yes, we can use a parameter to type in (or select) and artist, and go from there.

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