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    Report Automation for Client Hierarchies (Client>Region x>Branch x)

    Noland Crandall

      My company does data processing for Banks. We are recently making the switch to tableau, and we need to automate reports depending on the hierarchy that the client has (See below for an example. This Would need to generate 7 PDFs).

      We are using SQL as our data source with stored procedures to pull in the data. We can map out our hierarchy in SQL, and each row of data would be one branch. With Tableau/SQL, what would be the best way to generate individual PDFs (automated) for each level of the hierarchy without creating multiple workbooks/queries (we can schedule the reports multiple times to allow for parameters IE one schedule would look like "Summary - Branch" with a parameter of "Branch" which would run all the branches).





                                                                /  \

                                                               /    \

                                                              /      \

                                                    Region 1   Region 2

                                                           /\            /\

                                                          /  \          /  \

                                                         /    \        /    \

                                                        /      \      /      \

                                           Branch 11 B12 B21     B22