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    JavaScript API - Changing parameter value of multiple dashboards on same page

    Brandon Klotz

      Hello, I have been battling with an issue for some time and I thought I would ask the community. I am using the JavaScript API to embed multiple dashboards on a single webpage (there are 6 dashboards on the page)

      I am looking for a way to loop through all of the dashboards and change a parameter's value.


      Is this possible?


      I know you can get the active viz and the active workbook then change the parameter value, but is it possible to have multiple "active vizzes" that I can apply the value to? Like change the parameter on all 6 dashboards that have been loaded.


      I appears as though whatever the last viz to load on the page is, that is the active viz going forward and there is no way to reference other vizzes.


      Any help is much appreciated!