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    Need help on Dashboard actions

    Rajesh L M

      Hi Guys,

      Need help on Dashboard actions:


      There are 3 sheets in a dashboard.

      i have applied 2 actions

      1)source:sheet1 target: sheet 2

      2)source:sheet 2 target:sheet 3


      issue what i am facing is

      On sheet 1 if i click on consumer bar,sales data $1161401 is matching with grandtotal of sheet 2

      but when i click on wisconsin state which has sales $14232,this dats in not matching with the

      grand total of sheet 3($32115).

      Pls find the attached twbx file


      workaround: This will work fine if i edit 1st action action source:sheet1 target: sheet 2 and sheet 3


      Is there any way we can fix without have that workaround??